Wednesday, November 21, 2018

The Best in Pipeline Welding Systems

The weld procedures depend on the materials used as well as the criteria and specifications of the customer.
Internal Welding Machine

This mechanized welding equipment machine is used for lining up and holding two pipes in position by applying a root bead. Depending on the diameter of the pipe, six to eight wire feed systems are used to produce root beads. Here, the welding is done in a vertical down position. With the help of clamping shoes, the precision ring mechanism ensures the precise tracking of the wire drive system. The Line-up clamps are powered pneumatically and are controlled by a wireless remote control. This machine has two applications, one for standard pipeline application while the other is for barge application.

External Welder Machine

This system offers digital control, weld seam tracking and monitoring of critical welding parameters. Like the GTAW welding system, it is capable of supporting flux- core- arc, pulse- gas- metal-arc and gas- metal-arc welding. The external welding machine displays welding data and records and collects data of current amperage, travel speed, heat produced, voltage and oscillator speed. It also uses a wireless module for remote communication which is usually located outside the welding tent. This ensures that on the spot system management is possible in real time by inspection and supervisory personnel. The welding data can also be downloaded and reviewed in the form of spreadsheets or graphs.

Offshore Welding Services

This includes structural steel, high pressure piping repairs, full service fabrication and installation that require engineering expertise. Companies that provide offshore welding services use welding parameters to provide clients welding procedure qualifications. It also deals with automated welding bugs, in- line clamps, welding equipment and other offshore applications. The system ensures high productivity with precision performance in adverse conditions. The equipment used can sustain a 24 hour day operation without compromising on quality. Some offshore fabrication jobs include custom made tanks, cargo boxes, trash boxes and rig modifications.

Mechanized or automatic welding equipment, single or dual head, whatever the type, the welding system and equipment are capable of efficient and precise results.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

High Quality Welding Equipment Available

Welding plays a very important role in any kind of construction be it on land or in sea. In sea it is important to build, repair and maintain rigs, subsea fixtures and platforms. It also plays a huge role in the supply of vessels in any environment for production rigs and offshore drilling. There are companies who can offer the best offshore welding services by providing equipment that is tailored for the specific project. They not only offer expert service, they also have a range of welding equipment that can be used. The equipment is made of high quality stainless and aluminum components and they are so well made that they can withstand any climatic conditions. They can also be worked for an entire 24 hours without any problems. The services and equipment offered are highly advanced and sophisticated and they are able to provide the best job within your budget and in a short period of time. 

The Different Welding Methods 

There are several welding methods that are in use like the manual and automated, bevel fit up and mechanized welding equipment. The methods used for mechanized are narrow groove closed root with backing and without backing and factory bevel open root. Under the bevel fit up method, you have closed root and open root with backing systems. Hybrid systems fall under manual and automated methods. The flux-cored arc welding system and the gas metal arc welding system are considered the best to be used in any field conditions when a pipe welding procedure is used. 

Tailored Pipe Welding Systems Can Be Designed

There is an automated pipe welding system that has been designed that offers clean and faster welding on a range of materials and pipe sizes. It makes welding faster, cleaner and easier and hence it is used in the fabrication industry, pipeline industry and various other industries. A large range of metals can be welded using this system; including those materials that are resistant to corrosion as well as reactive. Since there are several experienced engineers who have been in the fabrication and pipeline industry for a very long time, they will be able to design the equipment exactly to fit the client’s requirements. They will also be available for servicing as and when necessary. 

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Things You Should Know About Welding Machines Used in Prominent Industries

Advancement in technology provides all organizations with a chance to stand apart from their contemporaries in the market. It’s a well-known fact that ever-evolving techniques and machines are responsible to perform almost all kinds of tasks in the minimum time possible and with great efficiency. Industries that welding is very important to, need automated welding equipment to get flawless results. Apart from increasing the profitability and productivity, welding automation also reduces the manual errors and speeds up the welding time. It shows accurate results with higher efficiency in comparison to the manual welding. Following are the major benefits of automated welding equipment.

  • Addresses safety concerns
  • Efficient usage of consumable metal
  • Provides high-quality results
  • Enhances productivity

These equipment and machines largely work on FCAW welding system. FCAW (Flux-Cored Arc Welding) system is an automated welding process that requires a tubular electrode containing a flux and a constant electric current. Owing to its high welding speed and portability, it is extensively used in constructions.

Following are some of the most important advantages of the FCAW welding system.

  • A high deposition rate process
  • Operators with manual welding skills are not required when using LoneStar Automated Welding System
  • Repeatability an low defect rates are benefits of automated welding

The importance of pipe beveling machine can’t be emphasized enough in the welding industry. It is largely used in industries that deal in pipes and pipelines. It is useful in beveling the pipes made of carbon steel and stainless steel. As it’s not easy to bevel the pipes of these metals, pipe beveling machines can easily do the task alongside offering the following benefits.

  • Time-saving
  • Produced accurate bevels
  • Much safer than the manual torching
  • Low operating cost

Orbital welding is another important area of the welding industry, where the orbital welder rotates the arc mechanically through 180° around an object, such as a pipe, in a continuous process. It offers clean, high-quality, and efficient welding to offer the best welding results.

Monday, August 20, 2018

What are the Advantages of Orbital Welding Equipment?

Manual welding serves its purpose for projects wherein refined and precise welding is required to achieve quality results. However, when it comes to larger projects orbital welding provides repeated high-quality, consistent, multiple, and identical welds. The advanced orbital welding equipment saves a lot of time in many aspects of the production and operation. This resulted in lower overhead expenses, high-quality welds, and shorter lead intervals. There are numerous reasons to utilize orbital welding bug for any project where a huge quantity of identical welds is required.

Here are some of the key benefits of using orbital welding machine:

Clean and Precise

It is essential to keep waste products away from metal tubing during the welding process because contaminants trapped inside can ruin the entire production. This can result in wastage of both time and money. Orbital welding is usually performed in a clean setting, wherein tubes and fittings can be welded in an impurity-free environment. When it comes to offshore pipe welding, it becomes imperative to maintain the highest levels of cleanliness while carrying out the welding process.

Better Efficiency

Since the welds produced are clean and consistent, the whole welding process becomes highly efficient. Automated orbital welding equipment can make the process even more efficient, as the entire process can be streamlined and documented ahead of time. This reduces production time and overall expenses.

Increased Productivity

Orbital welding bug enhances the overall productivity and profitability while performing the majority of the work. There are upfront costs to acquire the appropriate machine, it reduces labor requirements and eliminates errors or faults.

Enhanced Quality Welds

While proficient manual welders can certainly create premium quality welds for specific purposes, an orbital weld functions using the right device and settings that resulted into a better quality weld. This is important in applications within the various industries that offer offshore pipe welding where in there are stringent demands to be met.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

How can advanced pipe welding tools affect operations of industries?

Pipeline welding is considered a crucial element in both onshore as well as offshore pipeline industry. The latest and advanced automatic pipe welding systems perform various computerized applications to enhance the overall productivity of a business. To make all these happen in a better way, we at Dyna Torque has developed different sort of welding systems such as GTAW, Bug and Band welding system and so on, which makes a lot of complex welding tasks done easily that look quite tedious and almost impossible manually. 

The Bug and Band welding instruments are packed with several properties such as high torque, strong body, heavy-duty, portability etc, which reduces the errors, provides the perfect welding arrangements, slash down the general cost and give constant information for helping the firm to streamline further generation. Similar to this, GTAW welding system is also a time-saving arrangement that offers quicker and accurate welding while preventing common issues persist with welding defects.

The GTAW welding system is an after-effect of more than 60 long stretches of exceptional involvement in the manufacture and pipeline welding industry. With our deep understanding of welding strategies and methods, we give custom solutions for industry's prominent contractual workers to ultimately pass on the expertise to our clients. With our automatic pipe welding system, the pipeline and many other industries can derive several advantages such as: 

•Incredible control of warmth and cleanliness at the workplace
•The installed chips manage and control all the major welding factors, which help to decrease repair and labor costs
•The smart and mechanized design avoid the mistakes and accidents during the operational activities
•The need for experienced administrators is diminished even in troublesome jobs due to automatic pipe welding equipment
•It doesn’t only lessen the bugs and errors but also assist in expanding the production
•The advanced welding product offers continuous logging of the welding parameters
•A guarantee of steady and unfailing weld quality inconsistent manner is ensured 

In short, the main objective of these programmed pipe welding tools is to enable the industries to perform the tasks with higher quality and lower operational costs.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

What Types of Welding Are Used in the Industry?

Working with different types of metals is exciting as well as empowering. With flying sparks and turning up the heat, welders can give envisioned shapes to some of the world’s strongest materials. As welding work requires good skills and practice, it is important for anyone to work with the assistance and guidance of experienced professionals. Be it mechanized welding or any other type of welding, you can use it to join two metals together using another metal constituent as the filler.

There are different types of welding methods practiced in the industry among which automatic, mechanized, robotic, and single head welding are most followed ones.

What are the Differences?

In mechanized welding, the welding parameters are controlled either mechanically or electronically. In some cases, it may be controlled manually during the welding in order to maintain the required welding position.

In automatic welding, all of the welding parameters are controlled automatically using the automated welding equipment. You may make some manual adjustments between the welding operations, but not during the welding process.

Robotic welding is a type of automatic welding that uses a pre-programmed robot to different welding paths as well as fabrication geometries.

Single head welding design is usually designed to offer multiple advantages in contrast to various traditional welding equipments. The economical and faster design alternative provides outstanding welding quality. With all the programmable parameters, managers can access the production information for monitoring and auditing purposes. As this design is suitable to work in flat, vertical, horizontal as well as overheat positions, you can use it for all types of pipeline-welding needs.

Whether you use mechanized welding, robotic welding, single head welding, or the automatic welding using automated welding equipment, you can expect precision, quality, and productivity at all levels. Microprocessor control of the welding reduces the costs while reducing the human error and repair.


Thursday, May 17, 2018

Why Is It Important To Use Piper Beveling Machines?

In the industry to move the material which is used for different processes requires being moved from one process to another effortlessly. For this, there are several sizes of pipes that are being used for various processes. The use of pipe makes the entire movement of material easier than other means of devices. The pipe beveling machine is a useful device helps in beveling the pipe as per the demand of the industry wherein the material requires to be moved. The beveller is easy to use a device that can be used in automatic welding machines.

What is the need of using pipe beveling machines?

The use of pipe beveling devices has made it easy to shape the pipe. It becomes easy to cut the pipe and bevel it without any risk. There are various ways and means of beveling the pipe that the user can use to move the same. Over time, the beveling can be beneficial to both smallest and the biggest size of the pipe. The operation to use this equipment is easy, and you can bevel the pipe with utmost ease. It is designed to complete orbital welder faster with less filler material and weld time.

There are several features of the machine that can help you to get the beveling in accordance with the expectations and the requirement of the device. It can be used to bevel pipes along with metal plates that can beveled as per the need. This facilitates orbital welder to work efficiently and precisely without leaving any scope for errors.

When it comes to application, you can use the bevel to give a better finish or avert injuries from sharp edges. In addition, it may be done to allow a weld or joint during an automatic welding process in order to carry-out the entire procedure effectively.

One of the largest manufacturers of pipe beveling machines offers quality services for different applications to suit various bevel angles and width.