Friday, March 22, 2019

These Benefits of Automated Welding can lead to Enhanced Efficiency

Welding is a process done either manually or through automated tools. Indeed, it takes years to gain command on manual welding and doing it without errors, which the reason automation is becoming a necessity. With the advent of technology, automated welding equipment have thus acquired the center stage. This is because automated welding eases out the process to get flawless welding without errors. Due to smooth and faster process, many assemblies around the world prefer using this form of welding to manual processes.

The automated welding process

This method requires the welders to use a special machine or a series of machines, which load the work piece that needs welding. In the next step, the welder positions the torch automatically to weld the right place with perfection. The machine also monitors the quality of the joint and that of the finished product. Depending on the type of machine and the work done, there may arise the need for a machine operator.

Advantages of Automated Welding

  • Improved weld quality: An automated welding equipment is set up on parameters and unlike human, the machine is given a single set of task. Moreover, mechanized torch and selected motion with electronic recall of the parameters, altogether result in high quality welding.
  • Increased output: But obvious, machines work faster than humans. This in turn increases the output of the assembly.
  • Consistent welding: Mechanized welding is repeatable. Hence, by providing accurate parameters as input, the equipment will weld the output with consistency over multiple workpieces without many errors. This will ensuring perfect weld every time. 

Exciting Welding Equipment

Automated welding equipment are mostly rectilinear robots that works on in any line of three axis (X Y Z) and has a box zone. Additionally, they may also appear as articulating robots, which work like a human arm, and in an irregular shaped zone.
To conclude, automated welding equipment can improve the productivity of the related industries significantly. Right selection of the automated tool and experienced operators to work on them altogether make up for an apt combination for enhances growth.