Thursday, February 21, 2019

Mechanized Welding Technology – The Future of Welding Industry

Rapid industrialisation and urbanisation have led to an increase in the number of construction projects every year. An important requirement of such projects is pipeline welding and to cater this need, pipeline welding industry has introduced new machines. Built with advanced technologies, these mechanical welding and automatic pipe welding machines can improve the industry performance appreciably.

Benefit of mechanized welding services

Here are some of the prominent advantages of availing the services of mechanized welding equipment.

  • Field fabrication: Utilization of automatic welding technology has made it possible to cater all demands in the field of construction. Single head automated welding system holds widespread use in these cases. Some examples of this type of project are refineries and slug catchers.
  • Shop fabrication: The use of mechanical welding techniques by expert hands have led to the increase in demand of their pipeline welding services in various shops. Many shops all over the industry has benefitted from it.
  • Cross country pipeline: This refers to the pipelines which different countries have extended over a large span of length. These are difficult to build and even more difficult to repair. Thankfully, the use of technology and automated welding machines has made it simpler and less time consuming.
  • Offshore projects: Companies nowadays are able to provide both onshore and offshore welding services with the help of these latest welding machines. A wide range of tailored equipment is available for such type of work. Operated by capable hands, these automated machines work actively in ensuring above par performance.
Pipeline welding and offshore welding services hold ubiquitous necessity in the present time. The industry responsible for providing these services have fallen into capable hands. As a result modern and automated welding machines have replaced the traditional tools. These equipment cut down on time, labour and cost, and minimise accidents significantly.