Tuesday, September 26, 2017

What are Benefits of Using Automatic Welding Equipment for Pipeline Industry?

If you are looking for automated welding solutions for your industry then single head automated welding equipment can be best for you. It provides excellent welding processes and techniques that not only help saving time but also gives accurate results. Welding systems produce high-quality welds with high speed and precision. The automated or automatic welding machine is an ideal alternative, where quality joints are critical to manufacturing processes or require repeated welding of the pipes. The automatic welding system enables a various degree of automation of the welding process. Automatic welding systems are offered in single head option utilizing one welding torch and in dual head option utilizing two welding torches for larger diameter and thicker pipes.

Benefits of using single head and dual head welding machine:

• Reduced labor costs
• Efficient as digital control is precise and controllable
• Higher productivity and less idle time
• Exceptional quality of service
• Better working positions 
• Customized to suit different requirements
• Safer working environment
• Noticeable increase in output

Orbital welder applications are capable of working in extreme environment with minimal intervention. The equipment embraces modern technology and helps to increase the productivity minimizing any human error. This machinery also reduces the labor cost and results in less wastage of time and money. Orbital Welder Applications is one of the specialized areas of welding. During this type of welding, the arc is rotated mechanically through 360 degrees around the static work piece. The main component of orbital welding system is the orbital welder that controls power source and wire feeder. It offers a high level of productivity and quality that manual welding process cannot provide. The cost involved in procuring advanced welding equipment provide excellent value in the long run with the utmost accuracy in short time.

Therefore, automated or automatic single head or dual head welding provides fast and accurate welding. It has revolutionized pipeline industry and provides dynamic as well as an integral tool to streamline both offshore and on onshore production. This equipment also delivers an array of the solution to all welding designs.

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