Wednesday, November 29, 2017

How important is Pipe Welding in Different Industries?

Pipelines are an essential part of our infrastructure, as these are used in many industries. Be it driving to work, cooking your next meal or keeping yourself warm in winter, it would just not be possible without pipelines. It won’t be wrong to say that pipelines are the veins of our infrastructure, as distributing water, natural gas, and oil to people in our society is not possible without these. When it comes to pipe welding, pipeline welders come across as significant people, as they make all these life forces possible by using their skills to build, maintain and repair the integral instruments in an effective, efficient and safe manner. offshore pipe welding is a good solution for companies that need to cost-effective standard productivity.

Welders devote considerable part of pipeline welding work on the oil rigs, refineries and pipelines that make up the oil and gas industry. Apart from gas and oil industry, pipeline welders also offer services in automotive, shipbuilding, construction, nuclear energy, food processing plants, water supply, chemical, waste material treatment and aerospace industries. A number of machineries are used in the welding process which helps engineers in completing the projects in productive and cost-efficient manner. Among these machines, hydraulic pipe facing machine is used to create a defined, consistent narrow gap bevel for the welding systems. By using an ideal hydraulic pipe facing machine, only single person is needed to take on the entire welding operation, as its clamping ratchets are designed to permit full circle welding with keeping it still in place.

Importance of good pipe welding

Before getting offshore pipe welding equipment, it is important to consider some factors such as the technology they use in making the equipment and how it can help in meeting industrial challenges. It is important to carry out the welding operation with utmost care to ensure that the pipe is fit to serve the purpose for which it was actually laid. Since poor welding can lead to pipe leakage, it can prove to be highly costly to the owners, which is why using good machines in the welding process is necessary.


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