Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Things to Keep in Mind for Installing Cross Country Pipeline

Pipelines are best used for cross country transportation of natural gas, petrochemical, LPG, LNG, crude oil, water, petroleum products, as well as solids (iron ore, coal, etc.) at high pressure over long distances across the world. Whether it is engineering or installation of cross country pipeline, it should be done in a precise manner which requires a special branch of piping design and engineering. The process requires high attention to detail, as it involves several aspects and parameters that are usually include in-plant piping system within the boundaries of a chemical/refinery or petrochemical plant.

Need of using special techniques
The process of engineering cross country pipeline demands special techniques to be adopted for design, welding/jointing, testing, corrosion protection, commissioning, and etc. Hazardous chemical transmission through pipelines involves even more stringent precautions during the designing, engineering and installation of the pipelines. The main reason behind this is the fire and explosion hazards associated with chemicals and oils.

How to choose a company?
Industries should get their needs served from companies that can offer equipment and technology to speed up the pipeline cross country requirements. Companies offering automated single head welding equipment with LoneStar welding bug and band services have been in high demand. Considering a company that has experience of many years can help you in getting cost-efficient solutions that offer high productivity. In order to meet your specific needs, you can also ask for complete welding solution with specific equipment and technical services.

When it comes to the welding systems, LoneStar welding bug and band services help you get versatile and fulfill your pipeline cross country needs. Since the system is quite durable and able to speed up any cross country pipeline project, it offers best quality weld, regardless of the location or the country. Whether it is snow or mud across any location, the system is capable of any cross country project and never gives difficulties.

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