Monday, July 29, 2019

Why Orbital Welding is becoming the need of the Hour?

Automatic orbital welding is finding use across many industrial sectors where high performance, leak integrity, and cleanliness account for higher importance. When you compare it with the manual technique, this automated welding process has enhanced precision and reliability. It imparts the operators to produce controlled, high-quality welds.

Orbital welding comprises portable power supplies and advanced control systems. You get precise control over a wide range of variables such as electrode speed, weld current, and purge gas flow. A blend of all these variables assures you about the consistency and repeatability of the results.

The importance of orbital welding?

This is because it offers increased versatility, which makes it quality dependent. The industries requiring automated welding machines have appreciated orbital welding technology for its performance and reliability. This, in turn, has made it a manufacturer’s first choice.
With the advancement of technology, you now have a more sophisticated and versatile version of these machines. Thus, they find a more significant application in the sectors where rapid fabrication, consistent precision, and dependable quality are of paramount importance. Engineered in a way to work hand-in-hand with modern tube cutters, they are compatible with both open configuration and closed configuration systems.

Many of them find use in the fabrication process for primary structures, which in turn makes their application suitable for oil exploration and production. Welder qualification and training are essential to obtain unprecedented control levels. With these welding machines, it is now possible to weld exotic alloys.

Selecting orbital welding machines

An ideal welding machine should be potent enough to utilize a power level, which thoroughly brackets all your essential requirements. Over time, you will need welding machine parts, as the original ones tend to deteriorate with time. It is thus essential to select a machine whose parts are readily available in the market. Mechanized orbital welders are versatile and thus make the right fit for multi-process procedures.

Wrapping up!

Thus, you can say that industries have realized the importance of incorporating orbital welders to facilitate their entire manufacturing process. If you too want it for your workshop, make sure that the concerned operator has apt Welder qualification and training to use it.

Friday, May 24, 2019

Orbital welding, Cross-Country Pipelines and their Inseparable Connection

Cross country pipelines hold worldwide preference when it comes to transporting natural oil and its resources to a different country. These pipelines work like trucks but directly send the product to the designated location with high pressure. The pipelines are mostly underground, so it is safe from any form of robbery. However, unlike water supply pipelines, these cross-country pipelines are hazardous so it is equally important to perform multiple quality checks on them before using.

In recent times, the designing of these pipelines has improved even further with corrosion-protected pipe materials being the part of new versions. Moreover, with Orbital welder welding the joints of these pipes, they are now strong enough to withstand any tough condition.

Benefits of Cross-Country Pipelines
  • Cost of transportation of natural oil and its products are cheaper.
  • The supply through this cross-country pipelines is very safe and reliable.
  • These pipelines are underground so there is no wastage of land area.
  • Supplying such products to remote areas are very easily possible.
  • Welding the associated pipes through orbital welder increase their longevity.

Talking more about the last advantage, an orbital welder can weld almost any joint with perfect precision.  It reduces the errors and is a perfect solution from the error-filled manual wielding.

Benefits of Orbital Welding are

  • Carrying out Orbital welding in a clean environment makes the wielding free from any impurity
  • The welding is very efficient and precise, hence reducing the errors to zero.
  • As this equipment is precise, it can produce a lot more than manual welding processes.
  • Precise welds are consistent and remain the same almost every time.
Orbital welding for cross country pipelines

Using an orbital welder to weld the joints of the cross country pipeline creates a strong joint. This, in turn, helps to continue with the supply for a long time without worries or need of any maintenance anytime soon. It also reduced hazards as the welding is clean and quality is above average.

To conclude, cross country pipeline is making transportation a lot easier and over time can take over all forms of product transportation. Combined with orbital welder it can be very fruitful. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

These popular Welding methods hold widespread use across assorted Industries

Welding is one of the most efficient and economical ways to affix metals together. The process doesn’t merely join two pieces as in soldering and brazing but, with the usage of excessive heat, also causes the metal structures to become entirely one. Tandem Torch Welding and other welding techniques are among the crucial aspects of industrial processes. They require more variables and sciences as compared to those included in other industrial processes.

Widely used welding techniques

There are two major types of welding process – Pressure welding and fusion welding.

Pressure welding is a specialized technique and finds its use in only a handful of industries. Fusion welding processes include arc welding, pipe bevelling, gas welding and gas metal arc welding. All these methods are widely used in many industries.

In arc welding, a metal welding rod is melted to form the welded joint. Pipe bevelling is involves the formation of an angle at the end of the pipe’s edge and a plane perpendicular to the surface.

Gas pipe to pipe welding procedure involves heating two pieces of metals locally, hence surpassing their melting point so that they become one together. The gas metal arc welding process uses a metal welding rod, which undergoes melting to create the welded joint. The process also uses an active or inert gas to produce a barrier between the atmosphere and the weld, to enhance the strength and quality of the joint.
Advantages of Welding
  • A joint created efficiently through the process of tandem torch welding or other welding processes is usually as strong as the base metal
  • Welding is faster and more economical solution as compared to other processes like casting or bolting
  • A large number of alloys and metals, both either similar or dissimilar can easily be affixed with welding
  • General welding equipment isn’t very expensive and the portable equipment is easily accessible

To sum up, welding process requires dealing with high level of gases, electric current and temperature. Therefore, it is crucial to undertake safety measures while welding. Looking out for quality welding machines from renowned manufacturers could decrease the margin of errors significantly.

Friday, March 22, 2019

These Benefits of Automated Welding can lead to Enhanced Efficiency

Welding is a process done either manually or through automated tools. Indeed, it takes years to gain command on manual welding and doing it without errors, which the reason automation is becoming a necessity. With the advent of technology, automated welding equipment have thus acquired the center stage. This is because automated welding eases out the process to get flawless welding without errors. Due to smooth and faster process, many assemblies around the world prefer using this form of welding to manual processes.

The automated welding process

This method requires the welders to use a special machine or a series of machines, which load the work piece that needs welding. In the next step, the welder positions the torch automatically to weld the right place with perfection. The machine also monitors the quality of the joint and that of the finished product. Depending on the type of machine and the work done, there may arise the need for a machine operator.

Advantages of Automated Welding

  • Improved weld quality: An automated welding equipment is set up on parameters and unlike human, the machine is given a single set of task. Moreover, mechanized torch and selected motion with electronic recall of the parameters, altogether result in high quality welding.
  • Increased output: But obvious, machines work faster than humans. This in turn increases the output of the assembly.
  • Consistent welding: Mechanized welding is repeatable. Hence, by providing accurate parameters as input, the equipment will weld the output with consistency over multiple workpieces without many errors. This will ensuring perfect weld every time. 

Exciting Welding Equipment

Automated welding equipment are mostly rectilinear robots that works on in any line of three axis (X Y Z) and has a box zone. Additionally, they may also appear as articulating robots, which work like a human arm, and in an irregular shaped zone.
To conclude, automated welding equipment can improve the productivity of the related industries significantly. Right selection of the automated tool and experienced operators to work on them altogether make up for an apt combination for enhances growth. 

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Mechanized Welding Technology – The Future of Welding Industry

Rapid industrialisation and urbanisation have led to an increase in the number of construction projects every year. An important requirement of such projects is pipeline welding and to cater this need, pipeline welding industry has introduced new machines. Built with advanced technologies, these mechanical welding and automatic pipe welding machines can improve the industry performance appreciably.

Benefit of mechanized welding services

Here are some of the prominent advantages of availing the services of mechanized welding equipment.

  • Field fabrication: Utilization of automatic welding technology has made it possible to cater all demands in the field of construction. Single head automated welding system holds widespread use in these cases. Some examples of this type of project are refineries and slug catchers.
  • Shop fabrication: The use of mechanical welding techniques by expert hands have led to the increase in demand of their pipeline welding services in various shops. Many shops all over the industry has benefitted from it.
  • Cross country pipeline: This refers to the pipelines which different countries have extended over a large span of length. These are difficult to build and even more difficult to repair. Thankfully, the use of technology and automated welding machines has made it simpler and less time consuming.
  • Offshore projects: Companies nowadays are able to provide both onshore and offshore welding services with the help of these latest welding machines. A wide range of tailored equipment is available for such type of work. Operated by capable hands, these automated machines work actively in ensuring above par performance.
Pipeline welding and offshore welding services hold ubiquitous necessity in the present time. The industry responsible for providing these services have fallen into capable hands. As a result modern and automated welding machines have replaced the traditional tools. These equipment cut down on time, labour and cost, and minimise accidents significantly.

Monday, January 21, 2019

Automated Welding – Benefitting Cross Country Pipeline Construction

Automation has become a mandatory part of the industries. It has merged in the pipeline industry as well, offering promising outcomes for the bigger requirements. A requirement of cross country pipeline setup needs a service provider who is capable of delivering the humongous project with utmost precision while maintaining quality. The automation in this aspect will bring the best benefits along with precise execution of the project. The use of state-of-the-art automated welding equipment alongside the innovations of the service provider will ensure a brilliant outcome that a company will cherish over the years.

Benefits of welding automation
Welding is a significant part of many industries, especially the pipeline projects. The preset parameters of the welding process are customizable as per the requirement of the clients. Here are the elegant benefits you can enjoy with the integration of welding automation in the project.
  • Quality improvement: While manual welding is essential for the tricky segments in the project, the automated welding process is ideal when the pipeline will cross kilometers of distance. The automation will thus bring an improved quality due to the standard operation done by the welding equipment. As a result, the quality of the welded pipelines will automatically escalate and the maintenance cost will reduce over time as well.   
  • Less scrap volume: The integration of the electronically controlled welding equipment will deliver the required quality without any compromise. The volume of scrap produced during welding will also reduce significantly.
  • Labor cost: The labor involved in automated welding process will also decrease. The process controllers are easy to handle by fewer people, without compromising on the rate of production.

To sum up, it is easy to meet the high requirement for a cross country pipeline project with the automated welding innovations. The automated welding equipment controlled by skilled labors will definitely give a better and higher output.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Here is how you can ease your Welding issues with Pipe Welding Equipment

Pipelines are of utmost importance in daily life for transporting materials and goods. Welds quality  will ensure the smooth performances of the pipelines. With the constant advancement of technology, machines for welding pipes have also improved. Now, the welders have a range of choices of various kinds of modernized pipe welding equipment to ease out their work. Additionally, it increases productivity and quality of work.
The Bug and Band Method
While choosing welding equipment, a welder focuses on certain points to maximise productivity and ensure quality. A reliable welding machine with easily controllable parameters, good arc and weld-pool stability is the choice of the welder. Bug and Band system is a preferred method in this regard, as it offers reduced setup time and increased productivity with weld consistency. Dyna Torque Technologies offers single head and dual head Lonestar automated bug and band systems.
Superior Pipe Beveling Equipment
Most important for consistent welding with bug and band system is consistent preparation of pipe ends. Pipe beveling equipment is used to prepare necessary bevel to the pipe ends. Consistent and quality preparation of pipe bevels ensure same pipe joint set up needed for automated pipe welding. Dyna Torque offers high speed pipe beveling machines that can provide excellent results.