Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Here is how you can ease your Welding issues with Pipe Welding Equipment

Pipelines are of utmost importance in daily life for transporting materials and goods. Welds quality  will ensure the smooth performances of the pipelines. With the constant advancement of technology, machines for welding pipes have also improved. Now, the welders have a range of choices of various kinds of modernized pipe welding equipment to ease out their work. Additionally, it increases productivity and quality of work.
The Bug and Band Method
While choosing welding equipment, a welder focuses on certain points to maximise productivity and ensure quality. A reliable welding machine with easily controllable parameters, good arc and weld-pool stability is the choice of the welder. Bug and Band system is a preferred method in this regard, as it offers reduced setup time and increased productivity with weld consistency. Dyna Torque Technologies offers single head and dual head Lonestar automated bug and band systems.
Superior Pipe Beveling Equipment
Most important for consistent welding with bug and band system is consistent preparation of pipe ends. Pipe beveling equipment is used to prepare necessary bevel to the pipe ends. Consistent and quality preparation of pipe bevels ensure same pipe joint set up needed for automated pipe welding. Dyna Torque offers high speed pipe beveling machines that can provide excellent results.