Monday, August 20, 2018

What are the Advantages of Orbital Welding Equipment?

Manual welding serves its purpose for projects wherein refined and precise welding is required to achieve quality results. However, when it comes to larger projects orbital welding provides repeated high-quality, consistent, multiple, and identical welds. The advanced orbital welding equipment saves a lot of time in many aspects of the production and operation. This resulted in lower overhead expenses, high-quality welds, and shorter lead intervals. There are numerous reasons to utilize orbital welding bug for any project where a huge quantity of identical welds is required.

Here are some of the key benefits of using orbital welding machine:

Clean and Precise

It is essential to keep waste products away from metal tubing during the welding process because contaminants trapped inside can ruin the entire production. This can result in wastage of both time and money. Orbital welding is usually performed in a clean setting, wherein tubes and fittings can be welded in an impurity-free environment. When it comes to offshore pipe welding, it becomes imperative to maintain the highest levels of cleanliness while carrying out the welding process.

Better Efficiency

Since the welds produced are clean and consistent, the whole welding process becomes highly efficient. Automated orbital welding equipment can make the process even more efficient, as the entire process can be streamlined and documented ahead of time. This reduces production time and overall expenses.

Increased Productivity

Orbital welding bug enhances the overall productivity and profitability while performing the majority of the work. There are upfront costs to acquire the appropriate machine, it reduces labor requirements and eliminates errors or faults.

Enhanced Quality Welds

While proficient manual welders can certainly create premium quality welds for specific purposes, an orbital weld functions using the right device and settings that resulted into a better quality weld. This is important in applications within the various industries that offer offshore pipe welding where in there are stringent demands to be met.