Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Improve the Productivity of Your Business with Automated Welding System- Single Torch

The automated welding system is designed to provide better productivity and durability for regular operations. Automated welding system fulfills various demands for higher quality and lower costs, required in-depth and detailed production. It provides real-time information that allows personnel to streamline the production procedure.

Professional offshore welding services offer quality assistance to carry-out the entire work effectively. These services have developed automated welding technologies in order to provide enhance welding quality and reduce manufacturing costs. These offshore welding services provide advanced and improved single torch welding system that comes with numerous features including energy-efficiency, anti-corrosive, easy-to-use, etc., for delivering top-notch results.  This automated welding system can be used in field operations such as manufacturing and construction. Here are some of the major advantages of single torch welding system:

It comes with advanced technology, easy-to-handle, small size, light weight, energy-efficient and environment friendly features.
With modular design, machine safety and reliability, low failure rate, it requires almost “zero” labor or workers for operation.
Single torch welding machine is anti-corrosive, waterproof, moisture and dust resistant can be used in field operations such as high-rise building construction, tunnels, etc.
It comes with user-friendly welding current regulator, displays the welding time, parameters and input voltage, convenient and practical.
It is fan-dormant, energy-saving and reduces dust providing 3-times better life.
Welding controls are available in manual and automatic catering to various applications. In addition, welding parameters have been set up in panels in equipment.
It requires reasonable output voltage, so that the use of welding torch can be extended. Single torch welding system can withstand high load and voltage. 
It comes with high-strength steel plate and corrosion resistant chassis.

Monday, October 23, 2017

How Automated Machines Have Become Boon for the Manufacturing Industry

Robotic welding is becoming increasingly popular among manufacturers and constructors as it offers numerous advantages over traditional welding processes. Automated welding system helps better welding productivity, increase welding quality, improve the working environment and reduce manufacturing cost. 

Here are the key advantages of an automated welding system:
  • Better weld quality through certifiable repeatability
  • Effective microprocessor control of all welding factors eliminating weld repairs, lower labor costs, reducing the risk of human error in operation
  • Real-time sorting of welding parameters
  • Reduced dependency on operators
On the same note, a pipe beveling machine streamlines the process of beveling a tube or pipe effectively. This automated process is much faster and require less man-power to refinish the ends as compared to manual refinishing procedure.

Some of the advantages of pipe beveling machine include:
  • Reduced hand-grinding or torching of weld bevels
  • Faster than other units
  • Usually, cycle in the 5-20 second range
  • Safer than manual processes such as hand grinding 
  • Low operating costs
  • Usually, cycle in the 5-20 second range
  • Safer than manual processes such as hand grinding 
  • Low operating costs
Below mentioned are some of the benefits of automated machines and systems:

Increased Productivity
Automated welding systems have an ability to process welded components three to five times faster than humans. They can withstand a greater arc on-time and move quickly between weld joint positions. Robotic systems can provide considerable increase in output and productivity.

Low Production Costs
Through enhancement in consistency, quality and productivity, automated equipment and tools can deliver parts at a reduced cost. Advanced devices such as pipe beveling machine are energy-efficient and help you save a lot on consumable costs while lowering workers compensation and insurance expenses.

Safety and Quality Control
Countless risks exist for workers such as electric shock, exposures to harmful gases, burns and toxic fumes. Automated machines have reduced the number of accidents and injuries in various industries. They are safe to handle and can achieve superior quality by ensuring the accurate speed, distance and angle with maximum repeatability.