Wednesday, November 21, 2018

The Best in Pipeline Welding Systems

The weld procedures depend on the materials used as well as the criteria and specifications of the customer.
Internal Welding Machine

This mechanized welding equipment machine is used for lining up and holding two pipes in position by applying a root bead. Depending on the diameter of the pipe, six to eight wire feed systems are used to produce root beads. Here, the welding is done in a vertical down position. With the help of clamping shoes, the precision ring mechanism ensures the precise tracking of the wire drive system. The Line-up clamps are powered pneumatically and are controlled by a wireless remote control. This machine has two applications, one for standard pipeline application while the other is for barge application.

External Welder Machine

This system offers digital control, weld seam tracking and monitoring of critical welding parameters. Like the GTAW welding system, it is capable of supporting flux- core- arc, pulse- gas- metal-arc and gas- metal-arc welding. The external welding machine displays welding data and records and collects data of current amperage, travel speed, heat produced, voltage and oscillator speed. It also uses a wireless module for remote communication which is usually located outside the welding tent. This ensures that on the spot system management is possible in real time by inspection and supervisory personnel. The welding data can also be downloaded and reviewed in the form of spreadsheets or graphs.

Offshore Welding Services

This includes structural steel, high pressure piping repairs, full service fabrication and installation that require engineering expertise. Companies that provide offshore welding services use welding parameters to provide clients welding procedure qualifications. It also deals with automated welding bugs, in- line clamps, welding equipment and other offshore applications. The system ensures high productivity with precision performance in adverse conditions. The equipment used can sustain a 24 hour day operation without compromising on quality. Some offshore fabrication jobs include custom made tanks, cargo boxes, trash boxes and rig modifications.

Mechanized or automatic welding equipment, single or dual head, whatever the type, the welding system and equipment are capable of efficient and precise results.

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